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Zhejiang Chuangxing Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd., established in 1987 and located in Wenzhou Longwan High-Tech Zone, is a professional producer engaged in chemical equipment and specialized in rectification equipment research, development, design, technical consultation, technical services and installation and tuning of complete equipment, etc. Besides, it owns large-scale shear panels, stamping, plate rolling, heat treatment, welding, tube expansion, flaw detection, mechanical processing, physical and inspection equipment and devices,as well as excellent AutoCAD software design and modern office facilities.

Main products of the company: efficient rotation rectification machines (Higee rectification), rectification pilot scale test machines, desulfurization devices, sewage treatment equipment (including brine waste), varied stainless reaction stills, heat exchanger, condenser, efficient solvent separating units, retort and continuous centrifuge, etc. 

The product is characterized by efficient energy conservation and emission reduction which is in line with the philosophy of environmental protection, and has been extensively applied in many fields such as petroleum, chemistry, medicine, biology, pesticide, desulfurization, food, dyestuff, mining and metallurgy, scientific research institutions, colleges and universities, etc. It commands a ready market in South Korea, Japan, Philippines, Malaysia, South Africa, Pakistan and Indian, etc., and is deeply trusted by Chinese and foreign users. 

The company has a high-quality technical management team ranging from design, approval, production and processing to inspection and acceptance services; it has always been market oriented; it relies on technological progress and keeps innovating; it pursues survival with quality, development with variety and reputation with services to satisfy market demands. It establishes and improves the quality guarantee system; constantly enhances production technology and detection means and refines each product to ensure high quality of outgoing products.