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Gravity Gravity Distillation equipment engineering technical rationale

Author:Zhejiang Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd. Chong Hing Source: posted on:2015-11-05 22:09:32
Gravity Gravity Distillation equipment engineering technical rationale
I. Gravity Engineering and Technology Fundamentals
  Gravity Engineering and Technology (foreign to it as Higee or RPB) is an intensive "three pass an anti" new chemical process technology and equipment, the basic principle is to use the rotation caused by a stable, adjustable centrifugal force field to instead of the conventional gravity field. This makes distillation, absorption and re-phase reaction and other chemical unit operations of gas-liquid two-phase relative speed is greatly improved, the phase interface update more quickly, and greatly improve the flooding rate, making the production strength doubled. In short, Gravity Engineering and technology is the use of centrifugal force to strengthen the transfer and micro-mixing efficient heterogeneous reaction and separation technology. Because gravity core technology equipment with small size, light weight, low energy consumption, easy operation, easy maintenance, safe, reliable, flexible, etc., it has been hailed as "the largest chemical transistor" and "new technologies of the 21st century." .
Second, gravity technology features
  High (1 mass transfer intensity, can greatly reduce the equipment size for processing corrosive media can greatly save the expensive corrosion-resistant materials, reducing the investment in equipment;
  (2 micro-mixing has been greatly strengthened, small particle size can be prepared by reactive precipitation method, a narrow distribution of nano-powder;
  (3 short residence time, suitable for thermal processing and selective absorption materials;
  (4 afraid of vibration and tilt, suitable for activities such as on offshore oil platforms and ships use;
  (5 for handling high-viscosity material;
  (6. holding a small amount of liquid, suitable for processing precious materials;
  (7. With self-cleaning effect, the filler is not easily clogged particulate impurities deposited;
  (8 packing easy to replace;
  (9 open parking easier, a stable operation can be achieved in a few minutes.
Gravity Distillation Equipment
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