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Gravity equipment manufacturers cryogenic rectification column rectification works

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Gravity equipment manufacturers cryogenic rectification column rectification works
Cryogenic equipment utilized in various components with different boiling points liquefied feed gas through multiple partial condensation and partial evaporation apparatus for separating gas components. Cryogenic rectification column by the structure in the form of a sieve tray, bubble column, floating valve tower and packed tower and other types.
It works multicomponent liquid placed in a closed container, after heating the evaporator part (i.e., part of the evaporation). Since the components having different boiling points, liquid low boiling point components to evaporate, resulting in a closed container of liquid and gas phases of different compositions. The concentration of the low boiling component the vapor phase is greater than the concentration of the lower boiling component of the liquid phase; the concentration of the liquid phase of higher boiling point components is greater than the vapor phase concentration of the high boiling point components. Similarly, after a portion of the condensed vapor cooling (ie partial condensation). The concentration of the condensate of a high boiling component concentration in the gas phase is larger than the higher boiling point components. Distillation process is repeated partial condensation and partial evaporation. This process is carried out in a distillation column. When distillation operation, the top must have a dirty liquid, at the bottom of the sump must have a continuous rise of vapor, and the layers of gas-liquid contacting trays, and heat exchange for quality, continuous partial evaporation and partially condensed, so that vapor rises more and more concentrated low-boiling components, thereby obtaining the desired pure gas; liquid downflow while the high boiling component and more concentrated, thereby obtaining the desired pure liquid. Liquid air distillation column is provided with a multi-plate (such as plate column). Gas-liquid contact trays, vapor rising from the lower to get cold on a tray downstream temperature liquid, vapor, high boiling components (oxygen) to partially condensed into a liquid, the liquid oxygen component on increased, and the liquid obtained from steam heat, wherein the low-boiling component (N) was partially evaporated, leaving the gas increase nitrogen component. Each tray distillation column is gas-liquid two-phase quality and place of heat exchange. Distillation process is within fractionator through heat and mass exchange effect more trays achieved. Finally obtained liquid oxygen in the bottom of the column, the top of the tower to obtain a high-purity nitrogen gas.
A sieve tray sieve column contains several layers of trays, trays with many small holes, shaped like a sieve, and equipped with an overflow pipe. Steam rises from the bottom, through the layers of sieve apertures, and from sieve was bubbled through the liquid layer. Liquid flow from the overflow pipe layer by layer down. Sieve diameter is generally 0.9 to 1.1 mm, a pitch of 2.1 to 3.25 mm, sieve trays at regular triangle arrangement. Sieve tower within the operating range of high efficiency, simple structure and manufacturing cost advantages, but the operating range of the tower is narrow, high tray installation level requirement.
Many bubble bubble column set on the trays, each blister from the blister strip Chifeng and riser composition, it is immersed in the liquid. Steam rises through the riser, on the blister from Chifeng bubbled through the liquid layer and the liquid through the overflow pipe into the next piece tray. It can operate in stable operation over a wide range, to maintain a certain efficiency, but trays complex structure, high manufacturing cost, large resistance.
Float valve float valve tower tower evolved the bubble column, bubble column structure is similar, but each hole is equipped with float valve can move vertically (see Figure float valve), covering the valve hole, instead of a fixed blister. Free lift float valve within a certain height, adjust the flow area to accommodate different gas throughput, and to maintain high efficiency over a wide operating range, and the simple plate structure, easy to install, low manufacturing costs.
Tata within the stacked filler filler to increase the gas-liquid contact area between the two phases. The most common filler with an annular, saddle and waveforms entities filler and screen filler. Liquid flowing down from the top was a film along the filler surface, the vapor is continuously in close contact with the bottom-up film. Vapor and liquid concentration changes continuously along the tower height. Packed tower structure is simple, small resistance, but require uniform distribution of liquid within the tower cross-section in order to achieve high efficiency.
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