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Absolute power research swirl device gravity rectification equipment manufacturers overweight

Author:Zhejiang Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd. Chong Hing Source: posted on:2015-08-06 22:21:05
Absolute power research swirl device gravity rectification equipment manufacturers overweight
Absolute Gravity Research swirl device
Based on the current status of the development of hydraulic oil purification separation technique for analysis, taking into account the gravity cyclone separation technology and technology unparalleled technical advantages, given the current increasingly high demand for oil purification urgent need to invent a fusion energy advanced and efficient separation technology to filter out the fact that the hydraulic oil in the solid particles and the aqueous phase contaminants Absolute device, can be considered as the basis to centrifugal separation, combined with cyclone separation technology, coalescing and gravity separation techniques new filter technology. There is no application of this integrated technology purification of oil-related reports, ultra-gravity technology used to improve the hydraulic fluid cleanliness levels and reliability, will be further expanded to gravity technology applications, while in this direction explore but also to meet the hydraulic system pollution control need. The development of this new equipment, once successful, can also be applied to other areas of the fine particles of solid - liquid separation and water separator liquid - liquid issues.
Feasible at this program is:
(1) hydraulic system contamination of oil phase properties cyclone separator the separated solid - liquid or liquid - liquid two similar, so you can use the mechanism of the cyclone separator will be phase separation; essence gravity technology is the use of powerful The centrifugal force, greatly promote the interphase transfer rate, through the rational arrangement of filler allows rapid separation of light and heavy phase, accumulate, thus eliminating the aqueous phase, gas and other pollutants;
(2) many institutions at home and abroad cyclone separator mass transfer and separation processes internal flow field and dynamic models and gravity bed inside were analyzed, it can draw on the existing achievements of the internal flow field characteristics of the device simulation, provide a theoretical basis for the contaminant particles are separated from the hydraulic oil;
(3) At present, cyclone separator and gravity machines used in industrial production or industrial processing of actual examples, so you can study the impact cyclone and gravity rotating bed geometrical parameters on the separation efficiency of the gravity spin structural design and optimization of device parameters flow absolutes provide theoretical guidance, so that the two combine to deal with oil pollution, to achieve high-precision hydraulic oil line high efficiency filter. After the above theoretical analysis, we developed Absolute gravity swirl device is feasible.
This separation device is: tangential entry of fluid flow into the first section of the cyclone, the particles of contaminant particles through centrifugal sedimentation larger diameter and gravity settling, the first to be caught and fall into the bottom of the cyclone engaging groove; Initial Purification of oil (forming swirling central core) into the interior space of the rotating bed up along the shaft, and with the RPB driven by high-speed rotation of the motor. Role of the filler is increased relative velocity of the fluid, the shearing force great overcome the surface tension, increases the contact area and white, liquid mist into a liquid tear micron order. When under gravity effect, when liquid fog droplets containing the high-speed rotation, bending narrow and varied, full of extremely thin liquid mist and fine droplets gap filler layer, liquid droplets and mist Inertia sedimentation capacity enhancement, and liquid fillers have formed a rapid collision contact liquid droplets and mist so effective coagulation. By reasonably arranging packing, the inner ring using a hydrophobic material, the outer ring using a hydrophilic material, to achieve separation of different density of the medium under the action of centrifugal force. Such purified fluid bed outside space along the rotation upward mobility, the outlet; water and other impurities from the cyclone discharge engaging groove bottom of the casing.
The next step focuses on the cyclone and gravity rotating bed fluid dynamics analysis and contaminant migration characteristics of particle swarm. On the basis of in-depth study of the cyclone and the gravity field characteristics of the transport of pollutants to build cyclone and gravity rotating bed pollutants within multiphase flow and contaminant migration motion model dynamics model; based on oil and contaminants dispersion volume force to study the main parameters affecting separation efficiency. Fluent use of the cyclone and the oil flow rotating packed bed within the numerical simulation, and pollutant particle swarm flow field analysis, summed up the basic laws of the cyclone and gravity rotating bed internal fluid flow, determine spin flow and gravity rotating bed critical dimensions.
Gravity technology and cyclone separation technology combined to solve the problem of pollution control hydraulic system, at home and abroad has not been reported in this area, once the successful development of this technology will be an innovative academic, and therefore worthy of further exploration and research. The study, the new Absolute technology for reducing hydraulic system failure due to the emergence of oil pollution, improve the reliability of the hydraulic system is of great significance, but also can further satisfy the various sectors of the national economy and even the military department of the hydraulic system is reliable urgent requirement to run.
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