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Gravity rectification plant height is low, safe and reliable small volume

Author:Zhejiang Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd. Chong Hing Source: posted on:2015-09-01 15:52:36
Gravity rectification plant height is low, safe and reliable small volume
A user with a rotating bed to replace the original tower, originally using two were about twenty-meter-high tower, the production capacity and the ability to rotate bed alternatives after separation are more than the level of the original equipment.
In the completion of the same yield and quality of products, compare Zigzag Rotating Bed with traditional packed tower height and volume as shown in Table 2. Table 2 shows, Zigzag Field rotating bed used for ethanol - water and methanol - water distillation, compared with the packed tower, tower height were baffled rotating bed of 16.4 times and 13.8 times, tower equipment volume was baffled rotating bed of 4.1 times and 7.2 times. Baffled gravity rotating bed greatly reduces the height of the device and reduces the volume of the device can be easily installed in indoor plant inside.
Zigzag Field rotating bed size compared with the packed tower equipment
The actual production of three Zigzag Rotating Bed distillation apparatus installed in the single building, avoiding the use of traditional tower case to be considered lightning, typhoons, earthquakes and high-altitude operations, and relatively lower operating labor intensity, increase the production of security, by the use of factory welcome.
Open parking very convenient, without 24 hours of continuous work
Because of the small amount of liquid hold baffled gravity rotating bed, so its drive to stabilize the balance of time is very short, usually only about 10 minutes for normal operation. Users can perform batch operation according to the actual situation, very flexible and practical. For example: You can feed liquid each shift focus to a shift processing is not only saving labor costs, but also to avoid a different operator's operating habits continuous production caused by unstable product quality and so on.
Easy maintenance overhaul, small workload
Baffled gravity rotating bed unit stable operation, low maintenance workload. You do not need to clean the tower complex to replace the packing inside.
Simplify management, reduce management costs
  Due to significantly reduced equipment size and smaller footprint than conventional distillation column, it can form a new production management and logistics methods, under normal circumstances, due to the high tower, from the whole plant's layout is reasonable considerations, always focused on the distillation tower plant, from a management point of view, there is less unreasonable: a increased logistics costs; b likely to cause intermixing of different plant materials; c increase the fine... distillate workshop and related workshop between quality assessment and contradictions. After the distillation process is applied in a small device that can be installed within the single building, it can be like the workshop of the reactor and other devices, in this workshop situ continuous production, which can not only reduce logistics loss and simplify management mode and reduce administrative costs, but also can save a lot of intermediate tank, which indirectly reduced the area again.
Investment, low energy consumption, high yield
  Shell height of 0.8 m separation of rotating bed with more than 10-meter-high tower packing quite an area less than 2m2, greatly reducing the land for the plant, a lot of insulation filler Tasmania investment than the appearance of the rotating bed, hot small loss, depending on the material system, rotating bed can reduce energy consumption by 5% to 50%. Actual production amply demonstrated that alternative tower with rotating bed after too rate exceeded the level of the original tower equipment. After some enterprises in Zhejiang from May 2006 using the first Zigzag Rotating Bed, because the effect is significant, has been used for more than ten rotary bed facility is the best proof.
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