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Gravity Distillation equipment Zigzag Rotating Bed in Industry

Author:Zhejiang Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd. Chong Hing Source: posted on:2015-09-01 15:58:27
Gravity Distillation equipment Zigzag Rotating Bed in Industry
   Since March 2004 Zigzag Rotating Bed first successfully applied to a continuous distillation process ethanol recovery since, has industrial applications has more than 60 sets of equipment, some devices have been four years of continuous operation, stable equipment operation, good performance, the enterprise has brought substantial benefits.
   Zigzag Rotating Bed is very suitable for small quantities of solvent recovery, when dealing with precious materials, thermal materials, high-viscosity materials or toxic materials are also useful advantage.
   Gravity distillation apparatus for the stripping process
Due to the small amount of liquid material held in a rotating bed, the residence time is short, this device is very suitable for the stripping process thermal material system. A user to remove the thermal material system methanol, the original use of the packed column using vacuum distillation way, the quality of the raw material content of about 10% of methanol to 0.3% or less, the original process because the material in the reboiler long heating time, easily lead to the decomposition products, but also easily lead to the loss of a large amount of methanol, pollutes the environment.
  Baffled now use gravity rotating bed characteristics, the use of a three-fold BZ750-3P flow rotating packed bed of the transformation process, water vapor and material directly into the bed pressure stripping operation, the effect is very clear, products can be reduced to 0.1% of methanol, basic products do not break down, while greatly improving the quality and yield of products, operating at atmospheric pressure eliminates the need for large vacuum systems and refrigeration brine circulation system, greatly reduced investment and energy consumption of the equipment, while improving the recovery of methanol, made to serve multiple results. The process of transformation of the enterprise has brought considerable economic and environmental benefits.
Gravity distillation equipment, gravity rectification
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