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Gravity Distillation equipment manufacturers introduce air rectification column is how is separated into oxygen and nitrogen

Author:Zhejiang Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd. Chong Hing Source: posted on:2015-08-13 17:09:39
Gravity Distillation equipment manufacturers introduce air rectification column is how is separated into oxygen and nitrogen

Rectification column is provided with a multi-layer trays (to a sieve tray, the same principle of the packed column) equipment. In the plates with a liquid layer of a certain thickness. Fractionator and more generally for the double distillation column, into the tower and under the tower in two parts.
Compressed air through the clear water, carbon dioxide, and is cooled and expanded (for medium-pressure process) in a heat exchanger at the lower portion of the tower after feeding, as rising gas under the tower. Because of its oxygen-21%, at 0.6MPa, the corresponding saturation temperature is 100.05K. In condensate evaporator condensate liquid nitrogen from the top of the next column downstream, as reflux liquid. Because the oxygen-containing 0.01% to 1%, the saturation temperature at 0.6MPa about 96.3K. Thus, the lower portion of distillation column vapor temperature rises high and low temperature of the liquid from the top of the downstream. Under tower rising gas encountered each tray through a temperature lower than its liquid, the temperature of the gas itself would reduce, and there have been partial vapor condenses into a liquid. Because oxygen is less volatile component, nitrogen is the more volatile component in the condensation process more oxygen than nitrogen condensed down, so the rest of the vapor concentration on nitrogen some progress. Thus, once a place next to, to the top of the tower, the vapor of oxygen to do most of the liquid has been condensed to go, and its nitrogen concentration up to 99%. This part of the nitrogen is introduced into the condensate evaporator, all condensed into liquid nitrogen after release heat, which as part of the next tower reflux from the top down activity. Liquid downstream process, each tray met through a higher temperature rise below the vapor, after absorbing a portion of the liquid would vaporize. In the gasification process, since the volatile component is nitrogen, the less volatile component is oxygen, and therefore more oxygen than nitrogen to evaporate, leaving on the oxygen concentration in the liquid to make progress. Thus, once a place next to, it can get to the bottom Datta oxygen content of 38% to 40% of Air Liquide. Thus, after distillation under the tower can be initially separating air into oxygen containing 38% to 40% of the oxygen-enriched liquid air and nitrogen-containing more than 99% of the liquid nitrogen.
Air Liquide then after throttling down to the middle of the tower, as a further distillation of raw materials. Under the same principle and distillation tower, liquid downstream, after repeated partial evaporation, more nitrogen evaporates out, so dirty liquid oxygen concentration continues to progress, reaching the bottom of the tower to obtain oxygen-containing 99.2% ~ 99.6% liquid oxygen. From liquid air inlet supreme distillation column bottom trays is the concentration of the less volatile components of progress, called the stripping section. This is part of the oxygen in the condensate evaporator absorbs heat and evaporates into gaseous oxygen, at a temperature of about 0.14MPa its 93.7K. As part of the gaseous oxygen product leads, most of the gas as the tower rises. During ascent, some vapor condenses vapor nitrogen content increasing. Due to rising gas central tower was empty at the entrance there are more oxygen component, if it let go, the loss of too much oxygen, it should be further rectification. Lead-out portions from the nitrogen-containing condensate evaporator 99% or more of liquid nitrogen supplied to the top of the tower after throttling, as a reflux liquid, the vapor is partially condensed and then several times, at the same time part of the reflux liquid was evaporated repeatedly. Wherein the oxygen more to stay in the liquid phase, more nitrogen evaporates into the gas phase, to the top of the tower, you can get more than 99 percent of the nitrogen-containing nitrogen. Koudao liquid from the liquid nitrogen feed air inlet vapor concentration to further progress in the low boiling point components (nitrogen), called the rectifying section. If you need pure nitrogen product also requires rectification again, to get nitrogen 99.99 percent of nitrogen products. This is within fractionator separating air into oxygen and nitrogen process

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