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Gravity alcohol distillation equipment manufacturers to introduce technical description fractionator

Author:Zhejiang Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd. Chong Hing Source: posted on:2015-08-21 14:42:56
Gravity alcohol distillation equipment manufacturers to introduce technical description fractionator
Fractionator system also implements an integrated installation of the condenser and the tower and the low reflux ratio adjustment process operation, greatly improving the ease of operation and process stability rectification.
Effectively improve the efficiency of fractionation alcohol recovery tower, alcohol distillation column, reducing alcohol consumption, energy saving, is the main direction of the alcohol distillation technology. Improve the bottoms heating efficiency, improve packing structure, improve tray efficiency is to be achieved to improve the fractionation efficiency, reduce alcohol consumption and saving energy primary means both purposes.
Stainless steel packing. The filler has a large surface area, pressure drop, alcohol recovery tower air distribution, good fractionation effects obvious advantages. Adoption of the technology has greatly enhanced the efficiency of the packed column fractionation, thereby increasing the efficiency of the whole tower. Energy savings of 20% -30% alcohol residue concentrations ≤5%, and the filler is easy to clean, easy to scale, no slagging, tower-sectional flow clogging, stable and reliable.
Jacketed external circulation evaporator as bottoms efficient heating evaporation apparatus, its evaporation efficiency than the traditional "u" ​​shaped tube heating kettle its thermal efficiency is greatly improved, under the same heating area, its evaporation rate can be increased 1-2 times, and can realize automatic cleaning bottoms without disassembly, greatly improved ease of operation.
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