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Gravity distillation equipment, gravity rectification zinc distillation plant design

Author:Zhejiang Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd. Chong Hing Source: posted on:2015-11-03 9:36:24
Gravity distillation equipment, gravity rectification zinc distillation plant design
  Zinc refining plant design (design of zinc refinery by rectification)
  Crude zinc as a raw material, the use of fractionated distillation furnace, production of refined zinc in zinc smelter plant design. Refined zinc zinc content of 99.99% - 99.995%.
  Raw materials and fuel impurities in crude zinc grades of refined zinc production, productivity and distillation furnace life has a great impact. Zinc production was higher than 99.99% of refined zinc, lead content requirements of crude zinc is less than 2%, less than 0.3% of cadmium, tin and iron were lower than 0.05%.
  Tower distillation furnace commonly used gaseous fuel, heavy oil can also be used, mini-tower distillation furnace can be coal as fuel. Furnace gas purification used as fuel, requiring gas heating value is higher than 5400kJ / m3, containing more than 25% CO, dust less than 0.2g / m3. Coal as a fuel, the calorific value is higher than the requirements of bituminous 25000kJ / kg.
  Distillation process is the use of different metals boiling, evaporation and condensation alternately repeated separation process purification of metals. Or from distilled zinc smelting, distillation sent liquid zinc, into the smelting furnace melting and holding, the feeder evenly added continuously lead column (zinc fractionator group to remove lead and other impurities of iron tower), in certain temperature, most all of the zinc and cadmium into the vapor state evaporation.
  Lead and high boiling impurities in the liquid alloy form liquation furnace flowing into the lower portion of the lead from the tower. After segregation eligible for B number of zinc (zinc low cadmium, also known as non-cadmium zinc), hard zinc (iron high zinc) and crude lead. Zinc, cadmium and lead column condenser vapor through evaporation is condensed into a liquid containing cadmium, zinc, cadmium inflow after cadmium Taga feeder tower (zinc cadmium fractionator group except for refined zinc output tower), cadmium volatile vapor state , condensed to obtain a high cadmium zinc or cadmium dust. Zinc liquid through trays from the bottom of the tank flows into refined zinc. No. B zinc lead tower dedicated to the centralized processing or returns lead column. Hard zinc is generally returned to the distillation furnace for the production of zinc white or raw materials. Zinc distillation process.
Gravity distillation, distillation equipment gravity
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