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Gravity distillation equipment, gravity rectification major equipment

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Gravity distillation equipment, gravity rectification major equipment
  Rectangular tray (1) Lead and cadmium Tata tower body comprising 46 to 53 made of silicon carbide from overlapping, often including chassis, evaporator, air guide plate, feed tray, reflux plate and outlet plate. Tray size, with group and set up, the general reference to production practices design, production capacity by the tower wall work intensity, that a single tower heated area of ​​the production of effective strength t / (m2 • d) calculations. Tower-type combination is determined based on the scale of production and crude zinc-containing impurity. Common Table column combination.
  (2) the condenser by the use of silicon carbide bricks or clay bricks, empty room, the metal vapor condensation in the indoor heat, liquid metal receptacles condensed set its bottom, using liquid seal isolated from the atmosphere. Volume of the condenser is determined according to the desired amount of metal and condenser condensate volume strength. Condensate volume strength, lead column condenser is 5 ~ 6t / (m3 • d), cadmium column condenser is 2.0 ~ 2.2t / (m3 • d).
  Liquation furnace by a segregation cell and B cell in series of zinc, segregation cell volume calculated based on the amount of processing time is determined and segregation, segregation time is 60 ~ 120h, generally take 48 ~ 96h. No. B effective volume of zinc can be calculated once per 4h put.
Workshop Configuration
  Usually as short as possible and distillation or distance meltshop to transport liquid zinc. With an annual output of refined zinc million t the following workshop can take single span layout, namely feeding, rectification and casting and other operations are concentrated on a cross; million t more plants can be double cross arrangement, namely the addition, distillation in a cross, casting and In another cross-finished products. Distillation main axis of the furnace should be consistent with the prevailing wind direction, clearance between the furnace and the furnace is generally 1.8 ~ 2.4m.
  Gravity distillation equipment, gravity distillation Major equipment melting furnace, zinc refiner and liquation furnace.
  Melting furnace roof sandwich usually indirectly heated horizontal furnace hearth area can rate calculated according to bed. Crude zinc melting the bed can rate 5 ~ 6t / (m2 • d), liquid zinc insulation bed can rate 8 ~ 8.5t / (m2 • d).
  Zinc distillation column consists of several overlapping trays from the tower and the combustion chamber, the condenser and the reservoir tank and other components of zinc zinc refining equipment, including lead and cadmium tower tower. The main structure shown in Figure 2 zinc refiner.
Gravity distillation, distillation equipment gravity
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