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Gravity distillation equipment, gravity foundation and application technology

Author:Zhejiang Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd. Chong Hing Source: posted on:2015-10-17 16:39:57
Gravity distillation equipment, gravity foundation and application technology
   Science Gravity Gravity Research distillation equipment than the Earth gravitational acceleration (9.8m / s 2) much lower gravity environment, the material physical and chemical changes occur process called gravity science. Use gravity principle and developed the appropriate technology called Gravity Technology. Features: Under gravity environment, multiphase flow (gas - liquid, liquid - liquid, liquid - solid) in large porous filler is larger than the Earth's gravity field gravity environment in contact with the powerful centrifugal force rapid convection and white phase interface infinitesimal quick update, interphase mass transfer rate is greatly improved, thus speeding up the process of the transfer process. Advantages: strengthening the transfer process; shorter residence time; intensive equipment; easy to operate.
   Basic Research distillation equipment gravity gravity technology since 1995, the research group of the gravity field of fluid mechanics, mass transfer performance, the micro hybrid, bed pressure drop, engineering scale, process control, etc. were studied. Creative group proposed impinging stream - rotating packed bed coupling mechanism to achieve a rapid micromixing multiphase flow, a key technology breakthrough nano powders, and other chemical liquid membrane separation process, the formation of extraction, absorption, distillation and other chemical unit operations. Transfer characteristics for the Gravity Field and fillers balancing features, developed for gravity field next several structured packing, we investigated its effective surface area and mass transfer coefficient, established a scientific and reasonable testing methods, made a valuable academic research, enrich the theory in this area, formed a unique research features gravity disciplines.
   Application of Gravity Distillation equipment gravity technology from engineering point of view, the central issue for the practical industrial applications combining the characteristics of gravity technology in the chemical industry, environmental protection, materials, energy, oil, and other areas of biochemistry, instead and transformation existing sets of traditional tower, in a number of high gravity technology applications outstanding results, in part at the international level, including the gravity technology in the selective removal of hydrogen sulfide CO2 system; gravity technology stripping of ammonia wastewater; gravity gas desulfurization technology; gravity technology-rich calcium ammonium exhaust dust; Gravity desulphurization technology integration technology; gravity technology and continuous synthesis of nano-powders and the like. Applications made good economic and social benefits of these technologies. Center in gravity technology industrialization in some areas to go in the forefront of international counterparts, in 2005 annual meeting gravity technology universal access to peer experts praise.
Gravity Distillation EquipmentGravity Distillation Equipment
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