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Gravity distillation equipment, gravity distillation tower packing

Author:Zhejiang Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd. Chong Hing Source: posted on:2015-10-26 10:27:27
Gravity distillation equipment, gravity distillation tower packing
  Abstract: In the case of gravity perpendicular to the electrode surface, study the impact of overweight Field organizational structure and properties of aqueous solutions of metal electrodeposited nickel foil, the use of an atomic force microscope (AFM) and X-ray diffraction (XRD) for the deposition of nickel foil The surface morphology and crystal structure were observed. The results showed that: the nickel foil grain refinement under gravity field, the surface is more smooth, when gravity factor of 354, the surface roughness of the normal gravity at the 20.9 nm is reduced to 4.9 nm; and with the increase of gravity coefficients deposited The crystal structure of the nickel foil has no preferred orientation structure into a specific preferred orientation structure. Mechanical testing showed that when the gravity factor of 354, the deposition of nickel foil hardness and tensile strength, respectively, HV 898 and 944 MPa, respectively, than in normal gravity increases the HV 604 and 646 MPa.
  Gravity distillation equipment, gravity is packed column distillation tower packings as the gas-liquid contact member between the two phases of mass transfer equipment. The tower is packed column has a vertical cylinder (as shown above), at the bottom with packing support plate, filler huddle or the whole puzzle set in a support plate. Install the packing above the filler plate to avoid being blown updraft. Liquid from the top through the liquid distributor sprayed onto the filler, and a stream of gas is fed from the bottom along the filler surface, the gas distribution means (small diameter column generally no gas distribution device) after the distribution, and the liquid was countercurrent continuous through gap filler layer on the surface of the filler, in close contact with the two-phase gas-liquid mass transfer. Packed tower belonging continuous contact liquid mass transfer equipment, two phases along the tower height changes continuously under normal operating conditions, the gas phase is a continuous phase, liquid phase to the dispersed phase.
  Gravity distillation equipment, gravity rectification when the liquid flows downward along the filler layer, there is a gradual trend towards centralized tower wall, so that fluid flow near the wall of the tower increases, a phenomenon known as wall flow. Wall liquid two-phase flow effects caused by the uneven distribution of the filler layer, so that the mass transfer efficiency. Thus, when a high packing layer, the need for segmentation, intermediate redistribution device settings. Liquid redistribution device comprises a liquid collector and liquid redistribution of two parts, a top packing shed liquid after the liquid collector to collect, to liquid redistributors, after redistribution sprayed onto the lower filler.
Gravity distillation equipment, gravity packed column distillation has large capacity, high separation efficiency, pressure drop, small liquid holdup, operating flexibility and other advantages.
Gravity distillation equipment, gravity distillation packed column also has some shortcomings, such as packing high cost; when the liquid load is small can not be effectively wetting of the filler surface, so that the mass transfer efficiency is reduced; it can not be directly used for suspended solids or easy polymeric material; contralateral wire feeding and is not suitable for materials such as complex distillation and the like.
Gravity distillation, distillation equipment gravity
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