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Gravity Gravity rectification rectification plant reactor

Author:Zhejiang Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd. Chong Hing Source: posted on:2015-11-05 21:21:34
Gravity Gravity rectification rectification plant reactor
Gravity Gravity rectification rectification plant reactor is to use the high-speed rotation powerful gravity field, the fluid reactant improve mass transfer and heat transfer efficiency in the Gravity Field and enhance the rate of reaction. The size and gravity field can be controlled by adjusting the rotational speed so that the material time is set to stay in the gravity field of the only very short and can be stably controlled,
Compared to the general reaction of conventional reactors gravity field, gravity reactor equipment, small size, high energy efficiency, can effectively improve the mass transfer, heat transfer efficiency, can be used in gas, liquid, solid two-phase or three-phase reaction or separation, and can greatly improve product quality, is a new type of high-performance reactors in line with economic benefits.
1, gravity reactor producing ultra-fine powder which when applied to a small particle size and particle size distribution;
2, gravity reactor applied to the reaction process, reaction by-products can be reduced to shorten the reaction cycle, improve product yield, improve product appearance, reduce production costs and improve product quality.
3, the process is applied gravity reactor adsorption and liberation, under high centrifugal force, it can quickly make the gas, solid and liquid separation, significantly reducing energy consumption;
In the gas under gravity field, fluid flow can be significantly improved and without flooding. Liquids at high dispersion, high turbulence, strong mixing and rapid updating interface, the gas with great relative speed countercurrent contact in a packed bed of fine pores, greatly improved the quality of transmission capacity, transfer unit height from 1g gravity 0.6 ~ 1m fell 200-500g overweight 1 ~ 3cm, volumetric mass transfer coefficient of lift force field under field next one to two orders of magnitude, so that a highly reduced to a few tens of meters of the packed bed bed outside diameter of over one meter thick But more than a dozen to a few centimeters of RPB, not only reduce equipment size, but also enhance the mass transfer control of the reaction rate of reaction.
Thus, gravity reactor technology is a breakthrough in conventional reactors of the mass transfer, heat transfer, and a new technology can be heterogeneous reaction process.
It has the following characteristics and performance:
1, the device significantly reduced size and weight, not only reduce costs, but also reduce the impact on the environment;
2, greatly enhance the effectiveness of transfer;
3, the material in the equipment built residence time is very short, about 10-2 to 10-3 second;
4, the gas pressure drop through the device is similar to conventional equipment;
5, easy to operate, easy to open parking;
6, operation, maintenance and repair convenient;
7, rotating packed bed can be vertical, horizontal or installed in any direction, not afraid of vibration and bumps;
8, micro-mixing fast and evenly.
Based on the above characteristics and performance, gravity reactor technology can be applied to the following special procedures:
1, the use of a short time to stay home, deal with heat-sensitive materials;
2, the reactor residual less favorable treatment expensive materials or toxic materials;
3, the reaction process of selective absorption, separation, and the use of short residence time difference in absorption kinetics separated substances separated;
4, the use of rapid and uniform mixing characteristics, production of high-quality ultra-fine powder of nano-materials;
5 high shear stress, arising from the use of rotation and is set to stay time is short features, capable of handling highly viscous polymer demonomerized;
6, can be used in two-phase, three-phase, atmospheric pressure, reaction conditions such as pressure and vacuum.
Gravity Gravity Distillation Distillation devices are generally large chemical reactions in a stirred tank or packed column in batch or continuous manner, this type of reactor in the Earth's gravitational field, which is a gravitational acceleration g of next reaction force field applied to stage mass transfer processes , heat transfer, reaction, etc., it has its limitations.
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