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Efficient Distillation Equipment - Zigzag Rotating Bed

Author:Zhejiang Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd. Chong Hing Source: posted on:2015-11-03 9:38:11
Efficient Distillation Equipment - Zigzag Rotating Bed
    In the small pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals and other industrial production, organics separation operations (such as distillation, stripping or absorption, etc.) extensive use of packed tower and plate tower tower equipment, liquid under the action of gravity field and countercurrent Gas contact mass transfer, separation and purification purposes.
   In the Earth's gravitational field, the tower equipment film flowing slower than the vapor-liquid contact surface area is small, mass transfer efficiency is relatively low, so a large volume of equipment, space utilization is low, a larger area. Gravity technology was developed in the 1980s to strengthen the gas-liquid mass transfer of new technology, its working principle is to use high-speed rotation of several hundred to a thousand times gravity centrifugal force field (the gravity field) instead of conventional gravity field ,
   In the gravity field, when presented in a liquid dispersion flight is very small droplets of liquid silk state, vapor-liquid contact surface area is very large, its excellent micro-mixing and fast phase interface update feature,
   It can greatly strengthen the gas-liquid mass transfer processes, the mass transfer unit height reduction of one order of magnitude. So that the device becomes a huge tower height of less than two meters of overweight machines, to increase efficiency, reduce volume, and in some cases can significantly reduce energy consumption.
   At home and abroad have been successfully applied to this type of technology absorption, desorption and reaction process operations of chemical process, it reported filling or disc type and other types of rotating packed bed have so far failed in a single device industrial production, continuous distillation process. Invention, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou Branch of Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd. jointly developed Zigzag rotating bed, it has been successfully applied in industrial production in a continuous distillation process, showing good prospects.
Gravity Distillation
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