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Distillation gravity distillation equipment, gravity rectification Profile

Author:Zhejiang Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd. Chong Hing Source: posted on:2015-10-13 9:28:24
Distillation gravity distillation equipment, gravity rectification Profile
  A reflow of the liquid mixture to obtain high purity distillation separation, is the industry's most widely used liquid mixture is separated, widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, light industry, food, metallurgy and other sectors. Distillation operations are classified according to different methods. Depending on the operating mode can be divided into continuous distillation and batch distillation; according to the mixture fraction, it can be divided into binary distillation and rectification pluralism; if added to the mixture according to the vapor-liquid equilibrium of the additive influence can be divided into general distillation and special rectification (including extractive distillation, azeotropic distillation and rectification salt). If the rectification process is accompanied by a chemical reaction, it is called reactive distillation.
  Two-component mixture separation principle is simple distillation operation. A typical distillation apparatus is continuous distillation unit (Fig. 1 [continuous distillation unit processes] continuous distillation unit processes), including the distillation column, reboiler, condenser and the like. Fractionator for vapor-liquid two-phase contacting phase mass transfer, the overhead condenser located partially condensing the vapor, some condensate returned as reflux tower, the rest is overhead distillate product. Located in the bottom of the reboiler allows partially vaporized liquid, vapor rises along the tower, the rest of the liquid as a bottoms product. Feed the middle of the tower, the feed liquid and the liquid on the tower segments along the tower fall together, steam and feed under the tower sections together to the vapor rises along the tower. Throughout the distillation column, vapor-liquid two-phase countercurrent contact, the phases mass transfer. The volatile components in the liquid phase into the vapor phase and the less volatile component in the vapor phase into the liquid phase. Mixture do not form azeotropes,
  As long as properly designed and operated, distillate will be of high purity volatile components, the bottom product will be of high purity the less volatile component. Spout into the tower section above, the vapors rise further concentrate the volatile component, called the rectifying section; tower section below the feed inlet, extracting volatile components from the drop liquid, called the stripping section. Combining the two operations, the liquid mixture is more completely separated from the two components, both produce the desired product purity. When the components of the mixture more completely separated obtain high-purity single-component product, shall -1 tower.
  The reason why the liquid mixture to obtain rectification enables more complete separation, the key lies in the application of reflux. Reflux include overhead high concentration of volatile liquid component and bottoms high vapor concentrations of less volatile component both returned to the column. Vapor-liquid reflux to form a countercurrent two-phase vapor-liquid contact, which were obtained fairly pure single-component products at both ends of the column. Overhead amount of liquid back into the tower and the ratio of the amount of overhead product, called reflux ratio, it is an important control parameter distillation operation, it changes the impact separation and energy distillation operations.
 Gravity distillation equipment, gravity rectification
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