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Gravity Distillation equipment manufacturers evaluate the operation of the main indicators of rectification

Author:Zhejiang Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd. Chong Hing Source: posted on:2015-09-01 16:14:51
Gravity Distillation equipment manufacturers evaluate the operation of the main indicators of rectification
  Operation Evaluation Evaluation distillation operations key indicators are:
  ① product purity. The plate number plate column or packed column packing layer height, as well as the location of the material was added and reflux ratio, etc., have a certain influence on the purity of the product. Adjusting reflux ratio is the primary means of distillation column operation to control product purity.
  ② component of recovery. This is the product of the component content and ratio of feed solution concentrations of components.
  ③ The total cost of the operation.
  Including depreciation reboiler heating costs, cooling costs condenser and distillation equipment, changes in the operation reflux ratio, a direct impact on the first two charges. In addition, even if the same amount of heating and cooling capacity, heating costs and cooling costs also with boiling temperature and the condensation temperature changes, especially when not using the water vapor can not be used as a heating agent or air or cooling water as a coolant, the two Costs will be greatly increased. Select the appropriate operating pressure, and sometimes to avoid the use of high-temperature heating or low-temperature coolant agent (or refrigerant), but adding pressure or vacuum operating costs.
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