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Gravity distillation apparatus distillation strict calculation method

Author:Zhejiang Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd. Chong Hing Source: posted on:2015-09-01 16:37:18
Gravity distillation apparatus distillation strict calculation method
  With strict calculation distillation technology matures and the expansion of production scale, with a multi-strand wire feed and side extraction and other special functions, and has a side tower and an intermediate reboiler like complex distillation column (see distillation equipment) one after another. Today an increasing need for rigorous rectification made calculations to understand the column temperature, changes in flow and concentration to achieve a more rational design and operation. Computer applications, provided the conditions for the strict calculation.
  Various calculations are based on four categories of strict basic equation: the component material balance equation, the vapor-liquid equilibrium relations, the normalization equation (vapor phase and liquid phase mole fraction of each component and the heat balance equation and. For each theoretical plates can establish these equations, consisting of a high-dimensional equations, and then rely on computer solving. Depending on the specified criteria, in principle, this equation can be used for the operation of the existing tower new tower design or performance accounting .
   Core energy-distillation process that reflux distillation process, and reflux must consume large amounts of energy. Reducing energy consumption is a major issue distillation process of development. In addition to selecting a reasonable reflux ratio on the economy, the main energy-saving measures are:
  ① heat pump distillation. The overhead vapor adiabatic compression (see thermodynamics) warmed again as reboiler heat source (see pump evaporation);
  ② multi-effect distillation. Distillation device consists of a number of successively lower pressure distillation column composed of former fractionator overhead vapor is used as heating steam after a distillation tower reboiler (see multi-effect evaporation);
  ③ high-efficiency distillation column, can be smaller reflux ratio; high-efficiency heat exchanger, can reduce the heat transfer temperature difference, so that you can effectively reduce energy loss
  ④ using computer control of the process effectively, reducing the operating margin to ensure that the process is carried out at the lowest energy consumption.
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