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Principles and Applications short distillation Distillation

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Principles and Applications short distillation Distillation
   Short path distillation (short path distillation) is a continuous distillation process carried out in a separate operation under high vacuum. Under high vacuum conditions, due to the heating surface short distance distiller and condensed surface is less than or equal to the material to be separated molecular mean free path, when the film surface molecules in short distiller heating surface formed by evaporation, the intermolecular mutual collision does not occur, no hindrance to the movement of the condensing surface and is condensed in the condensation surface, and therefore short-path distillation is also called molecular distillation.
   Since the short path distillation under high vacuum to a temperature well below the boiling point, the distillation time is very short, so the process has become the most gentle separation of the desired product distillation process, especially suitable for concentrating, purifying or isolating high molecular weight, high boiling point, substances and poor thermal stability of high viscosity organic mixtures. Currently, short-path distillation has been successfully used in food, pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals and cosmetics and other industries.
   Rectification principles and processes
  1. Master the content: Distillation Separation Process Principle and Analysis
  2. Focus: the principles of rectification, distillation apparatus effect
  3. Difficulties: the principles of rectification, partial gasification and partial condensation in the actual operation of the combination of the distillation process.
  The principles of rectification
  Distillation: multiple and simultaneous use of partial gasification and partial condensation way to make more complete separation of the mixture obtained in order to get close to the pure components operate separately.
  Theoretically obtained several partial gasification less volatile component in the liquid phase of high purity, high purity can be obtained several partial condensation volatile components in the vapor phase, but produce large amount of product leaving the intermediate component pole small and large equipment. Industrial production in the distillation column in the distillation process is part of the gasification process and the partial condensation process and achieve the organic integration of operations.
Distillation unit processes
  First, the process of distillation unit
  A typical distillation apparatus is continuous distillation apparatus comprising distillation column, a condenser, reboiler, etc., as shown in Figure 1-8. Apparatus for distillation column, there are two, namely plate column and packed column, but often uses a plate column. Continuous distillation operation, the feedstock within the distillation column was continuously fed, from the top and bottom of the column while continuously give the product (distillate bottoms), it is a process operation of a given state.
  Second, the role distillation unit
  Distillation column at a feed plate for the sector is divided into two sections, the rectifying section and the stripping section mention.
  1, the role of the rectifying section of the column section above the feed plate for rectifying section, whose role is to rise by board-enriched vapor phase concentration of volatile components.
  2, the following effects plate stripping section comprises charging plate for the stripping section, including its role by decreasing plate extracting volatile components of the liquid phase.
  3, the role of trays trays are gas-liquid two-phase mass and heat transfer properties. Each piece trays bidirectional gas-liquid two-phase mass transfer, as long as there is a sufficient number of trays, you can separate the mixture into two relatively pure components.
  4, the role of the reboiler whose role is to provide a flow of ascending vapor stream.
  5, a condenser whose role is to provide an overhead liquid product and ensure that there is adequate liquid reflux. Major additional trays concentration reflux volatile components, is a necessary condition for a given state of continuous distillation performed. Distillation is a use of a reflux liquid mixture to obtain high purity distillation separation.
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