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Gravity distillation equipment, high gravity rectification and distillation process to resolve

Author:Zhejiang Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd. Chong Hing Source: posted on:2015-09-14 15:26:22
Gravity distillation equipment, high gravity rectification and distillation process to resolve
Mathematics for optimizing distillation and rectification process carried out resolution. Distillation is heated to be part of the liquid into a vapor, then the vapor is condensed into a liquid to remove impurities contained in the process. Distillation is the use of a mixture of different volatility of the components, by means of several partial gasification and partial condensation, and finally to make the process as much as possible of the different components completely separate. Distillation and rectification mainly gas-liquid two-phase heat transfer and mass transfer process, some accompanied reactions to components of the two phases of the concentration degree of deviation from the equilibrium concentration to measure the size of the mass transfer driving force in order to achieve balance limit. Thus, the phase rule, phase equilibrium relations, material balance and heat balance analysis regarded distillation and rectification principle and establish the basis of a mathematical model.
Distillation and rectification are simple distillation method (differential distillation), equilibrium distillation (by flash distillation), distillation, steam distillation, vacuum distillation and special distillation. Intermittent operation may also be operated continuously. In the non-ferrous metal production, vacuum distillation and continuous distillation most widely used. After distillation of crude zinc can be obtained 99.99% of refined zinc. Crude titanium tetrachloride, silicon tetrachloride can be crude purified by distillation. Application of a variety of non-ferrous metals can be purified by vacuum distillation, vacuum refining of beryllium up to 99.97% purity, sponge titanium, zirconium sponge, alkali metals, alkaline earth metals and rare earth metals which can be removed by vacuum distillation residual impurities.
Vacuum distillation was completed in resistance furnace or an induction furnace distillation tank. Zinc distillation tank or flat vertical tank. Distillation equipment used plate column and packed column. Zinc rectification is completed within the rectification column made of silicon carbide composed of superimposed trays.
Analytical calculation of distillation and rectification process include determining the balance between components, size and production equipment load product flow. (1) determine the equilibrium relationship between the components of the balance equation for the two-element system:
y = ax / 1 + (a-1) x
(2) determine the flow of products and components, material balance equation is:
F = D + W and FxF = DxD + WxW wherein F, D, W of the feed, condensate and raffinate outlet flow rate, k mol / s, respectively; x, y is the liquid phase, vapor phase, respectively, volatile Group molecular fraction points,%. Process Dimension (3) determine the equipment, tower diameter and tower height. (4) determine the production load and other equipment.
Improve thermodynamic efficiency and reduce energy consumption, the development of new structures and equipment, and automatic control of dynamic learning process; mathematical simulation and optimization, improve separation precision and production capacity, is the distillation and rectification of research.
Gravity Distillation Equipment
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