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Gravity distillation equipment, gravity distillation reaction

Author:Zhejiang Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd. Chong Hing Source: posted on:2015-11-03 9:36:43
Gravity distillation equipment, gravity distillation reaction
  Gravity distillation apparatus, distillation method with gravity distillation of chemical reactions, some with distillation to facilitate the reaction, some with reaction promoting distillation. Promoting the reaction with distillation, is continuously removed by distillation of the reaction product, in order to improve the reaction conversion and yield. Esters such as alcohol and water, adding acid to generate an esterification reaction is a reversible reaction, this reaction proceeds in a distillation column, while a chemical reaction, carried out while distillation, timely product ester and water separated. This allows the reaction is continued in the direction of esterification.
  This complete separation of the chemical reaction and distillation products in the same equipment, the equipment investment and operating costs greatly reduced. But using this method must have certain conditions: ① product must be higher or lower than the boiling point of the reactants; ② at rectification temperature without increasing side reactions and other adverse effects. Currently in the industry is mainly used esters (such as ethyl acetate) production.
   By promoting the reaction distillation, is added to the material (third component) can occur with a reversible chemical reaction is separated components in the mixture to increase its relative volatility, allows easy distillation. Such as sodium cumene mixed xylene, the latter with the reaction of p-xylene and m-xylene and p-xylene between the generation of sodium sodium xylene, both equilibrium constant vary greatly, make paraxylene and between increasing the relative volatility of xylene lot. This method is effective for relative volatility increases. However, due to difficult recovery and recycling third component, its application is limited.
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